Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Completed Works

Here, a list of my completed works that are available in English:

Kitchen - 1988
Asleep - 1989
Goodbye Tsugumi - 1989
NP - 1990
Lizard - 1998
Amrita - 1998
Hardboiled & Hard Luck - 1999

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful writing :)
    Don't give up on the Nobel Prize! I truly believe you can do it.

  2. I just read Goodbye Tsugumi and hope to read more of your work, now that I have discovered you. I am an American retired school teacher who has the time now to read to my heart's delight. It is a great gift. I also have a blog (who doesn't) www.theschoolmarm.com. I have a book club category and will be including this book. Thanks for such interesting characters that
    I remember them long after the book has left my hands and is back on my home library shelf. Mary Taylor

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    1. I love all your books!
      When is Sly going to be translated?
      It's got a great cover.
      My local library misfiled it because of the English name and I got home and found out that it was in Japanese.
      Sorry, I can't read (or speak) your beautiful language.

  4. http://msrandomkitty.blogspot.com/2012/09/bananas-thoughts-on-jealous.html

    Reading the book in school, check out my review on a section of Kitchen.